Fitness Matters

The Moving Matters fitness test is a timed stamina shuttle test for children in KS2.

Fitness Matters



Healthier, more active children, are linked to greater attainment and attendance in school.

The national curriculum aims for children to remain active for a sustained period of time and this simple initiative should impact on that.

Our aim is to create healthy competition between schools, assessing the data we receive and publishing the results.


We advise 3 times a year:

Term 3 – baseline testing

Term 4 – progress review

Middle of term 6 – end of year results


The fitness test is done by all children in KS2.


The test can be done inside or outside.


Fitness Matters will provide schools with data around physical activity. The data can be used internally to measure the fitness and wellbeing of children within the school, set class and personal goals for physical activity.

The data can also be used for Ofsted and healthy schools. It can provide evidence directly related to the impact of PE and Sport (and Sports Premium spending).

We ask that all data be recorded accurately and honestly.

We would ask that teachers involved in recording the testing, sample two children per class and if additional adults are also supporting, suggest they also help.

Making Fitness Fun

Fitness Matters test is not designed to be intrusive in anyway and is pitched at a level appropriate to age. The testing provides motivation for children to become more active and alongside the testing there are a number of class challenges to complete which are fun and cross curricular.

    How to improve results

The more running the children do, the better their results will be.

At Moving Matters, we have introduced running to the start of our PE lessons in KS2. The duration is the same length as the tests, although we aim to increase the time based on the progression of the children.

Initiatives like the Daily Mile or similar will only help, as will encouraging children to practice/run during their break and lunch time.