Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values.


Over the summer I reflected on where we were as an organisation and where we wanted to get to. I read some excellent books (Legacy by James Kerr and Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley) and found the High Performance podcast, with Jake Humphries and Damian Hughes, all of which I would highly recommend to people. 


The content I read or heard provided so much food for thought, specifically how to improve the culture within Moving Matters and how this could support the progress of the company. During the first week of whole staff training, I shared lots of the thinking and ideas with the team and I asked every staff member to  create and share their own purpose statements, stating why they worked in education and sports coaching.


I was really blown away by the responses and below are some of the things the staff came up with:


I do this job because it gives me a sense of purpose. Imparting knowledge that could inspire children to become, and be better human beings is a satisfying and rewarding feeling. 


I believe sports is the most empowering thing in the world and I’m passionate about the impact it can have on an individual or society- the opportunity to improve children’s sporting experiences and lives is my greatest motivation.


I enjoy being active and in the last few years, I have recognised the profound negative effect on my happiness and mental health when I am not. Therefore, being on the move, being focused on a variety of different challenges and tasks every day and engaging fully in my interactions with children, teachers and colleagues gives me a great sense of achievement and accomplishment and allows me to feel fulfilled.


My passion is sport and it has given me so much as a person throughout my life and I see it as a privilege to then share that with the children that I work with. I hope that I can create the same positive experiences for children through PE and sport that I had.

During our training week I anomously read these purpose statements out to the whole team and we did some discovery work on purpose. It's something we have done before but my ambition was to develop our mission statement, our vision for the future and agree on key values across the team. The previous values were prescribed by me and I wanted us as a team to come up with ones that reflected our collaborative value system, rather than my own.

This task was the first part of the process. Within our Leadership group we then had further discussion and over the period of a few weeks, came up with the Mission, Vision and Values you can see below.

These will guide us in our work and hopefully support us in MOVING forward as an organisation.

Rob Wilkinson