Moving Matter's Running Challenge

Moving Matters Running Challenge.

For a number of years we have been focussing on improving the fitness levels of children with the Moving Matters Running Challenge. This year after the challenging year we have all had, the health and physical activity levels of children has regressed significantly. We have created the Moving Matters Running Challenge for children in KS2. Details here We hope through engagement in this challenge, children's capacity to move for a sustained period of time (a national curriculum objective) can be met.

The challenge is a simple 10 metre shuttle run with the aim to complete as many laps (shuttles) in the period of time allocated. We differentiate time periods by age, with year 3/4 children running for three minutes and year 5/6 for five.

The challenge has been rolled out in all of our schools and is repeated three times (Dec, April and July) to review progress. Challenge 1 was delivered in September and we engaged over 1550 children, who ran a combined distance of over 700km, great work guys!

At Moving Matters we aim to further engage children in physical activity within our PE lessons, that are planned to be as active as possible. As well as this all of our lessons begin with a physical challenge for the class, that might be the running challenge, skipping or maybe some speed bounce.

At Julian’s primary school we have been using the Marathon Kids program to engage children in running. The aim of Marathon Kids is for the children to run as much as they can and their distances are recorded and they receive rewards for reaching milestones such as 10km, half marathon and the big one… a full marathon!! This program is a great way of keeping track of the impact of running in PE lessons and is very visual as children and classes can see their distances and allows them to set goals. To find out more visit the Marathon Kids website

Have a look below at the overall results from the first Moving Matters Running Challenge.